Dear clients,

We hereby inform you that last Friday new regulation was issued through which several health measures affecting commercial activities and establishments are again modified:

  • The use of masks in work centres will be mandatory:
    • In open spaces, if the interpersonal distance of 1.5 metres between employees cannot be maintained;
    • In closed spaces, if the interpersonal distance of 1.5 metres between employees cannot be maintained and there are no systems of physical separation between them; and
    • In “common areas“, in all cases.

It also becomes mandatory for customers in bars and restaurants, during waiting time and after dinner.

  • The consumption of tobacco is prohibited on the street or in open air spaces for public use, in all cases.
  • Modifications regarding bars and restaurants:
    • The maximum capacity is reduced both inside the premises and on the terraces, to 50 % if the maximum capacity is equal to or greater than 50 people, or maintained at 75 % if it is less than 50 people; arranging the tables in such a way as to guarantee an interpersonal distance of 1.50 m., a distance that will also apply to terraces.
    • Employees must wear mask “at all times“.
    • Water vaporizers are prohibited on the terraces.
  • Gaming and betting establishments shall limit their capacity to 50 %. If applicable, the closing time gets limited to 1:00 and no new customers are allowed after 0:00.
  • In the case of outdoor markets, they will be limited to 50 % of the usual or authorised stalls, with priority given to food stalls.
  • Beaches, playgrounds and similar open-air public spaces are closed to the public from 21:00. to 7:00.
  • In general terms, “activities of a family or social nature” for more than 10 people are prohibited, except for people living together. For vigils and burials, the limit is set at 30 people (15 people in the case of closed-space vigils).
  • Regarding sports, a 50 % capacity limit is set for sports facilities, including dance academies.


Juan Miguel Ordinas