Dear clients,

As you will be aware, as of today, Monday 8 June, the restrictions established following the declaration of the state of alarm (“phase 3″ of deescalation) are being relaxed in certain regions. Since the competent authority for the adoption of measures in the Balearic Islands, is the regional Government, the Decreto autonómico 3/2020 has implemented the Order of the Ministry of Health of 30 May.

The health and prevention and hygiene measures established for phases “1″ and ”2″, which were explained in of previous communications, remain in force, They include the need for adjustments in worktimes to avoid crowding, the obligations to clean and disinfect the premises, hygiene and prevention measures for employees (obligation to have water and soap or hydroalcoholic gels available and to keep a separation of 2 metres between employees or to have appropriate protective equipment, etc. ).

The main changes are:

– Teleworking continues to be given preference where possible, although businesses will be able to draw up protocols for returning to work in person.

– Movement is allowed without restriction within the island and between islands.

– Time slots per population group in the previous phases are terminated.

– Wakes will be with a maximum of 50 people outdoors or 25 indoors and burial processions with a maximum of 50.

– Capacity for places of worship is increased to 75%.

– Weddings will be held with a capacity of 75 %, with a maximum of 150 attendees if in the open air or 75 if in closed spaces.

– The capacity of retail shops will be increased to 50 %, and they will continue to have preferential opening hours for people over 65. In the case of flea markets, half of the usual or authorised stalls will be authorised, although town councils may increase the surface area or set up new days. In shopping centres, the capacity of common areas will be limited to 40 % and that of outlets to 50 %.

– The capacity of bars and restaurants will be set at 75 % inside the premises and in terraces, with a minimum separation between tables of 2 metres. The bars will be allowed to be used with a separation of 2 meters between customers or groups of customers. Self-service will remain prohibited.

– It is still not allowed to open discos or nightclubs.

– The common areas of hotels and tourist accommodations may be reopened, up to a limit of 60 % of their capacity. The activities of animation or group classes will have a maximum capacity of 20 people, respecting measures of physical separation and hygiene.

– Guided sightseeing tours will be allowed for groups of up to 20 people.

– As for exhibition rooms, attendance will be limited to the number of people who can maintain an interpersonal distance of 2 metres, with a restriction of 50 % of capacity. Cinemas, theatres or auditoriums may operate with pre-assigned seats and without exceeding 50 % capacity, or 80 people in closed spaces. Other cultural activities, in addition to the 50 % capacity restriction, may not exceed 80 people or 800 people if held outdoors.

– Zoos and aquariums may be reopened, with capacity limited to 50 % outdoors or one third of the capacity in indoor attractions and places. Other kinds of tourist recreation activities may not be able to reopen.

– Non-professional federated sports clubs will be able to carry out medium-type training, in small groups of a maximum of 20 people and avoiding physical contact.

– Congresses, meetings, business meetings, conferences and events will be authorized without exceeding 80 attendees.

– Gaming and gambling establishments may be reopened with a maximum capacity of 30 % and a maximum of 50 people, including workers, always maintaining an interpersonal distance of 2 metres.

– Leisure activities for children and young people may be carried out, provided that they are outdoors or in closed spaces with constant ventilation, with up to a maximum of 60 participants between 6 and 16 years of age, in groups of up to 10 participants plus a monitor, avoiding contact between the groups.

– On beaches, distances of at least 2 metres will be maintained and groups will be limited to a maximum of 20 people.

– Recreational boating activities will be allowed, as well as tourist transport of passengers with a 75 % limit on boat occupancy.

– The reopening of non-university educational facilities is mandated, with certain obligations and limitations.


Juan Miguel Ordinas