ORDINAS · CAHUÉ offers its comprehensive advisory services to companies and individuals in the following matters:

LAW FIRM: Legal defence of companies and individuals before the Courts and Tribunals in all jurisdictional orders
  • Civil Law: payment warning procedures, payment claims, evictions, legal actions regarding condominiums, claim for compensation for contractual breaches…
  • Commercial Law: insolvency proceedings (bankruptcy), contract preparations, company mergers, lawsuits against banks for abusive clauses…
  • Family Law: separations and divorces, regulatory agreements, parental measures…
  • Criminal Law: lawsuit preparations, complaints, defence in court…
  • Labour Law: dismissals, employment regulation procedures (E.R.E.), attendance at conciliation acts, claim for wages and compensations…
  • Administrative Law: preparation and submission of administrative appeals, economic-administrative claims before the Regional Economic-Administrative Courts (T.E.A.R.), legal claims against the government administration…

Legal advice for companies and individuals from a German lawyer within our facilities.

  • Processing of deeds (with experience in the processing of deeds of banks and notaries), taxes payment management, Patrimonial Transmissions and Documented Legal Acts Tax (I.T.P.A.J.D.), municipal capital gains, Inheritance and Donation Tax.
  • Procedures before Traffic Department with vehicles (transfers, registrations, sale notifications, European license plate changes, vehicle cancellations, etc.).
  • Constitution and Registration of Companies, Associations, Foundations, Community Properties, Civil Societies, opening of business branches…
  • Direct debit of Taxes. Procedures before Town Halls, procedures before tax agency of the Balearic Islands (A.T.I.B.), Cadastre and supply companies.
  • Patents and trademarks.
  • Obtention of an authorized electronic signature and management of the company communications with the different government departments.
  • Administrative authorizations (opening and start-up, occupation of public roads, procedures with government departments as Tourism, Health, Industry, etc.).
  • Immigration procedures.
  • Visa of transport cards.
  • Processing subsidies and aids.
  • General procedures before government departments.
  • Direct estimation (normal or simplified) or simplified estimation (taxation modules).
  • P.A.Y.E. withholding (I.R.P.F.), Corporation Tax, V.A.T. (I.V.A.)
  • Submissions of tax return (quarterly and annual).
  • Registration and removal in the Tax Agency.
  • Preparation and submission before the Commercial Register of annual accounts and official books.
  • Preparation of the statistical statements required by the National Statistics Institute (I.N.E.) and INTRASTAT.
  • Deferments, inspections, procedures before the State Tax Agency (A.E.A.T.) and the Balearic Islands Tax Agency (A.T.I.B.), taxation of non-residents, etc.

Preparation of payrolls and social insurances, employment contracts, registration and termination of workers, registration and deregistration of self-employed workers (autónomos), processing of temporary disabilities, maternity/paternity leaves, obtention of the company’s Contribution Account Code (C.C.C.) within the Social Security system, registrations and cancellations of domestic employees, communication of the opening of work centres to the government, dismissals, Social Security deferments, retirement/disability/widowhood pensions, processing of the single payment of unemployment benefit, procedures before the Social Security General Treasury (T.G.S.S.) and the Balearic Islands Employment Service (S.O.I.B.).


General Insurance, business insurance, Civil liability insurance, Life Insurance, Vehicle Insurance, accidents insurance, etc.


Administration and management of “Communities of Owners”, keeping their accounts, attendance at owners’ committees, etc.


Intermediation with financial institutions in obtaining personal and mortgage loans, personalized advice in obtaining finances and managing resources, etc.


Mediation in the sale and lease of real estate, business transfers, real estate appraisal, legalization of buildings, exchanges, real estate contracts, etc.