Two grant applications have been published in recent weeks.


1) The so-called “toolkit“, which aims to promote the digitalisation of small businesses and self-employed persons, and consists of direct financial aid to finance the adoption of one or more digitalisation solutions available in the Catalogue of Digitalisation Solutions of the Digital Kit Programme included in the “Acelera pyme” platform, or to replace the solutions already adopted by the beneficiary, provided that they represent a functional improvement.

Beneficiaries must use the granted subsidy, the right to payment of which is known as the “digital voucher“, to contract one or more digitisation solutions by formalising Digitisation Solution Provision Agreements with Digitisation Agents. This “digital voucher” cannot be paid out until the Digitasation Agent, on behalf of the beneficiary and as the ultimate responsible party, submits the corresponding supporting account of the activity for which the subsidy is granted and the awarding body considers the subsidy to be justified.

Applications may be submitted from today until 15 September.

The maximum amount of aid is 12,000 euros.

Beneficiaries: businesses with between 10 and 50 employees.

Applications can only be made online, using the company’s digital certificate, through the Electronic Headquarters ( It can also be requested through an Adhered Digitising Agent.

All the information can be accesed at

Please note that it is a requirement for the application, among others, “to have the Digital Maturity Level assessment, according to the diagnostic test available on the AceleraPyme platform“, so you must carry out this test before making the application.


2) 25 February saw the start of the deadline for submitting applications for subsidies aimed at promoting self-employment, consisting of financial aid for starting up a business (a) or to finance new lines of business or changes in activity (b).

Applications may be submitted until 31 May.

The amount of the aid is 5,000 euros.

Beneficiaries: unemployed persons registered as job seekers (a) or self-employed persons who have been registered for at least 1 year or 4 months if it is a seasonal activity (b).

Applications can only be made online, through the digital certificate, by requesting an appointment at (a digital certificate is not necessary to request an appointment).

Please note that, among other requirements, a certificate of having completed the online training designed by the I.D.I. ( must be presented, as well as a business plan drawn up necessarily in accordance with the form available at This business plan will be subject to technical assessment by the Balearic Islands Government, and will be rejected if it is not considered viable.

Subsequently, other obligations are established, such as remaining registered for at least 2 years, not combining the subsidised activity with an employment contract with a third party, or participating in workshops.